FunSeekers Vacations Shares Top Vacation Spots For 2014

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FunSeekers Vacations, a leader in the vacation club industry that fully dedicates itself to making dream vacation a reality for our members, offers both beautiful and luxurious accommodations at some of the most exclusive destinations around the world. Take time away from the grind of every day life and enjoy the vacation of your dreams this summer at a resort unlike any you have experienced before.

FunSeekers knows that there are many elements to planning the perfect vacation to take into consideration, and that at times, the process can be considered somewhat stressful. At times, trying to please each member of the family with all of their vacation wants and needs can be difficult. But this year, our dedicated team members hope to help eliminate some of the stress in the vacation planning process by providing some exciting options for your summer trip. Here are some of the top choices:

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FunSeekers Vacations Showcases A Dream Vacation In Cabo San Lucas

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FunSeekers Vacations, a vacation club who is a leader in the industry, wants travelers to know that what is most important to them matters. Our service is dedicated to making any member’s vision of a dream vacation into their reality. Offering beautiful and luxurious accommodations and amenities at some of the highest-rated resorts around the world, FunSeekers always finds the time to offer our members tips and advice on how to plan for their best trip yet. One standout recommendation for Summer 2014 happens to be the exotic destination of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

For all those who want a combination of both excitement and relaxation, Cabo San Lucas is one area that offers a variety of different activities. Whether relaxing at the beach or lounging at the spa, or planning adventurous activities like scuba diving or deep-sea fishing, there is something to offer everyone. To learn more about Cabo San Lucas, continue reading at:

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FunSeekers Vacations Shares Los Angeles For A Top Summer Trip

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FunSeekers Vacations, a leading travel fulfillment services, knows that one of the most difficult things about planning a fun summer trip is finding a destination that offers exciting things to do that the whole family will enjoy. This summer, try visiting one California city that has many opportunities for entertainment and excitement. And one great thing many people are unaware of is that this is also a great destination for those on a budget, since there are wide variety of fun and also free activities to do. Here are some of the best ways to spend your time while visiting this summer.

Grauman’s Chinese Theater is one of the most famous theaters in the country, and is often a landmark that many hope to see while visiting Los Angeles. Make sure to look down while walking around, since the concrete features both hand and foot prints from some of the most famous stars around. Also, be sure to stick around and see the stars along the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

This is one vacation destination to make sure to remember the camera—since visitors also can take their picture with famous Hollywood stars…or their exact replica. There is often a statue of someone famous on display in front of the legendary Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. No one can ever know which famous statue might be on display out front, but there are also other figures who walk around in costume that wander around the famous Hollywood boulevard for people to pose with. No matter what you decide to do while visiting, FunSeekers Vacations knows that Los Angeles makes for a wonderful summer vacation destination.

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FunSeekers Vacation Shows Dedication In Customer Service and Satisfaction

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Funseekers Vacations, a leader in providing customer service to our clients and customers, knows that for any traveler out there, finding ways to save is one of the most important things when it comes to their vacation. That’s why FunSeekers is proud to announce our unprecedented gold standard guarantee. When it comes to providing the best in the travel industry, it’s been an important focus for our team to provide unparalleled customer service, along with a dedication to help all those out there create a vacation aligned with their vision of the perfect trip.

Whether at the last minute or planned months in advice, FunSeekers shows our members exciting ways to save money while on vacation. Our exclusive vacation club offers heavily discounted deals on many different kinds of trips, and the booking process has never been easier. Save valuable time and money now and choose to make your dreams vacation become a reality.

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Funseekers Vacations Shares Factors For Consideration When Traveling To Mexico

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Funseekers Vacations knows that one initial factor to consider while traveling is the cost. Some of the most common costs includes airline tickets and processing of other legal documents e.g. visas. Tourists should therefore include these items in their travel budget when preparing for the visit. Also, when flying, the weight of your luggage might increase the the fee when checking a bag, so it’s important to take that into consideration. Funseekers Vacations shares that travelers should take the time to go through and take out any non-essential items that will increase the total weight of the luggage.

Another factor is the climate of your destination. It is a common assumption that the weather in Mexico is generally hot all year but actually, this is not the case. Some locations have unpredictable weather in both the hot and cold area, some examples being Mexico City, Toluca, and San Cristobel de las Casas. By putting this into consideration, visitors should be able to carry the proper, weather appropriate clothing.

Funseekers Vacations knows when it comes to clothing, some are uncertain about what style is appropriate in certain areas. At the beach destinations casual clothing is acceptable; short dresses and revealing clothes, but in Mexico’s colonial cities these are considered inappropriate and more formal dress is the norm. Tourist should therefore consider this before choosing any type of dress to wear; he or she should be informed about their destination.

The fourth factor to put in consideration is that luckily, Mexico and United States use the same outlet style and power voltage. One should carry a surge protector to guard against power fluctuation in rural areas with unstable power supplies. Older hotels do not have outlets with three holes; so makes sure to pack a small adaptor that will allow you to plug in your three-pong devices.

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Funseekers Vacations Helps Members Plan the Vacation of a Lifetime

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Funseekers Vacation beach

Funseekers Vacations helps travelers get to wherever their ideal getaway is.

Funseekers Vacations has established itself as a leader when it comes to supplying members with world-class vacations around the globe, and the vacation provider knows that vacationers have a variety of destinations they prefer. The beach and ocean is always a popular vacation spot, and Funseekers Vacations is sure to help guests take the vacation of their dreams — no matter which picturesque location they want to visit.

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Funseekers Vacations Gives Tips to Enjoy Traveling Abroad

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Funseekers Vacations knows that traveling abroad is a great way to relax and also to get to know other unique and amazing cultures around the world. The best way to make the most of your money when you travel abroad is to know what you can do to prepare and what to expect before you go. Traveling outside of the U.S. does not have to be difficult. Be prepared and make the most of your journeys with Funseekers Vacations. 

Entry and Exit Requirements – As this involves paperwork that can take up to 2 months to get back, knowing the entry and exit requirements of your destination is key to ensuring a smooth trip abroad with Funseekers Vacations. Things you need to consider include your passport, visa, license or other form of photo ID just to begin with. In addition, many countries around the world will require that visitors also have proof of accommodations, entry and exit fees, a return ticket out of the country and proof of funds as well. To learn what you will need, go to the country website or visit the U.S. website, Travel.State.Gov.

Get to know the country and its laws – This is important, especially if you plan on renting a car. There are many rules, laws and regulations which will be much different than the U.S. and the excuse of ignorance is not a valid excuse in any country. Remember, you represent your country, be respectful and responsible when you travel and obey all laws. If you do run into trouble, be sure you contact the nearest embassy or consulate to assist you.

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Funseekers Vacations Advises You On Airport Arrival Time

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When you are flying to a travel destination, much of your time is spent waiting around in an airport, remark the members of Funseekers Vacations. The problem that many people have is they do not know how long before their flight should they get to the airport. The amount of time that it takes to get from your parked car to the boarding gate of the plane will depend on many factors. Take these into consideration as you try to decide how early to arrive for your flight advice the members of Funseekers Vacations.

  • Transportation to the airport – If you have a ride to the airport, you only need to worry about the traffic. Make sure you have a good route planned and think about what traffic will be like at the time you are leaving. If you are parking your car, find out how long it takes to get from your parking space to the entrance of the airport. Include this in the amount of time you will need.
  • Security – The amount of time it takes to get through security will depend on how busy the airport is. Many airports have this information listed on their website so you can have a good estimate of the amount of time you will need.
  • Luggage – If you are checking luggage give yourself some extra time.

Funseekers Vacations says that one of the best ways to save time in an airport is to get a boarding pass before you get there. Most airlines allow you to print your own boarding pass 24 hours before your flight. It is a great time saver and will help you spend less time waiting in airport.

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Funseekers Vacations Tips On How To Replace Your Passport While Traveling

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Funseekers Vacations highlights the fact that when you are traveling in a foreign country, the most important piece of paperwork that you need to have is your passport. It is a good idea to carry this the entire time that you are traveling. It is the best form of identification for travelers in foreign countries. It is common for people to lose things while they are traveling. The hectic space and the constant packing and unpacking are among the reasons that things get misplaced remark the members of Funseekers Vacations. If the time that is misplaced is your passport, you need to know how to get it replaced.

  • The first thing that needs to be done is the lost passport should be reported to the local authorities. It could be used to steal your identity and the reporting of the lost will help protect you.
  • The next step is to contact the local embassy for your country. They will help you start the process of getting a replacement passport. To get the passport, you will need two forms of ID and you will have to pay a fee. It is possible to get the passport replacement expedited so you will be able to get to your next destination.

The people at the embassy are there to help, but they cannot guarantee the speed of the process. There are services available called visa expediters that could help if you are in a big hurry remind the members of Funseekers Vacations. The main thing is not to delay taking action as soon as you realize the passport is lost. Do stake some time to make sure that you cannot find it, but if that is the case, start the process of reporting and replacing it right away.

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Funseekers Vacations Says Organize and Research Your Travel Destination before You Go

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Funseekers Vacations shares that if you get a chance prior to your trip experience and do a little research into the area you will be traveling to and gain an understanding and a feeling of the local laws and customs.  When doing this you will be prepared for your trip.

Funseekers Vacations share that when you leave the United States, you are subject to the laws of the country you are visiting. Therefore, before you go, learn as much as you can about the local laws and customs of the places you want to visit.  Good resources are your library, the internet, your travel agent, and the embassies, consulates or tourist bureaus of the countries you will see.

A reminder not to forget personal items such as passport, and checking to make sure dates are valid.  Check into travel insurance and make copies of documents and leave information of your travels with a family member or close friend.  If traveling out  of the country it is important to get an understanding of the currency system you will be using as well.

Funseekers Vacations also shares the importance of keeping track of what is being reported in the media about recent developments in those countries or nearby areas you may be visiting.  So doing a little homework prior to your trip goes a long way.   Funseekers Vacations also shares by doing this it will help you relax and enjoy your vacation destination as you will be well prepared.

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